About Us


We are Mint Threads, a new apparel company in the Esports scene with aspirations of being the best. We operate out of California, working with our designers and suppliers to provide everyone with some fresh, clean apparel. Mint was founded by two passionate friends with a strong vision. One is a business major, and the other an experienced designer. The like minded duo came together to create a company with the perfect balance of business, and design taste. With this combination we have a goal of complete customer satisfaction, because we know what the client wants.



Most companies look to take pride for as many organizations they can get a hold of, where as we pride ourselves in being selective, attentive, and professional with our clients. We provide top quality garments, fit for the best of the best. We treat our designers right, so that they can treat the client right. Designs go through a fool proof process from concept, to the approval stage, and into production to become reality. Please take a moment and look at our store options.